At O’Snaps, we understand that smoking can be a personal choice, and we respect that. That’s why we’ve created a unique solution that allows you to customize your smoking experience without compromising on the brand or type of hemp cigarette you prefer. With our convenient O’Snaps capsules, you have the power to infuse your cigarettes with a burst of invigorating menthol or soothing mint flavor.

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so special

What makes O'Snaps so special?

What sets O’Snaps apart and makes it truly special is our innovative approach to enhancing your smoking experience. We have seamlessly combined the natural benefits of hemp with the invigorating flavors of menthol and mint, giving you a unique and refreshing twist on traditional smoking. With adjustable flavor settings and a personalized touch, O’Snaps empowers you to create a smoking experience that suits your preferences perfectly. Discover the extraordinary and indulge in a flavor-infused journey with O’Snaps.

Transform Your Smoking Experience

Say goodbye to the monotonous taste of traditional hemp cigarettes. With O’Snaps, you can add a refreshing menthol or mint flavor to your smoking ritual, making it more enjoyable and satisfying

Personalize Your Flavor Intensity

Whether you prefer a subtle hint of menthol or a strong blast of mint, O’Snaps allows you to adjust the flavor intensity according to your preference. It’s your smoking experience, tailored just for you

No Need to Switch Brands

O’Snaps works seamlessly with your favorite cigarette brands. You don’t have to sacrifice your preferred choice of hemp cigarettes for a new flavor experience. Simply snap on an O’Snaps capsule, and you’re ready to go!

Easy to Use and Portable

Our O’Snaps capsules are designed for convenience. Just snap one onto the filter of your hemp cigarette, and within moments, your smoke will be infused with the invigorating flavor you desire. It’s quick, hassle-free, and oh-so-satisfying.

On the go

Freshness On-the-Go

Why choose us

Learn what makes Osnaps so special that it is Trending in the Industry

Why Choose Us

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100% fresh green

Burst of Freshness

Enhance your smoking ritual with a burst of freshness.

O'SNAPS - Menthol Cigarette Solution

Enjoy the fusion

Responsibly enjoy the fusion of flavors and hemp qualities.

menthol cigarette solution

Seamlessly Integrated

Seamlessly integrate O’Snaps with your preferred brand of hemp cigarettes.


Portable and Easy

Quick and hassle-free application with easy-to-use snap-on capsules.



Select your preferred plan and elevate your smoking experience with O’Snaps.

0-20 Pieces

$ 9

20-50 Pieces

$ 8.50

50-100 Piece

$ 8

100-500 Pieces

$ 7.50

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please contact pitgsales@gmail.com

Discover the perfect balance between the natural benefits of hemp and the invigorating flavors

Immerse yourself in a harmonious fusion of the natural benefits of hemp and the invigorating flavors of menthol and mint. Our innovative O’Snaps product allows you to experience the best of both worlds. Enjoy the soothing properties of hemp while indulging in the refreshing burst of menthol and mint. Elevate your smoking experience and savor the perfect balance of nature and flavor. Let O’Snaps be your gateway to a uniquely satisfying and refreshing journey.


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